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Because Supervillains Are Made, Not Born

Apparently (according to a weird bit of Facebook algebra) the color of my shirt + the object to my left = my super villain name.

I have doubts about the scientific validity of this. Besides, I’m not sure Green All-in-One-Printer conveys anything super– villain or otherwise. Although, it could be worse. If the calculation required me to combine my shirt color with the object on my right, I would be The Green Doorknob.

I’m still waiting for the Facebook algebra problem that reveals which X + Y = my Secret Supervillain Lair¬† so I can go there, chill out, and plot World Domination.

And where are my minions? I never thought about it before, but, now that I have, I really want minions.

Image credit: Harshlight via Flickr Creative Commons. (CC) Some rights reserved.